• Setup Area: 15x15
    • Outlets: 1
    • Attendants: 1

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Foam Machine Features & details   
        •       It takes 7-10 mins to produce and covers 15x15 square feet
        •       the foam it produces gets up 4 ft high
        •       The best and most durable Foam Machine available for A 7.5 amps produces Stacking Foam to cover a 15x15 sq ft area
        •       1/2 of GEL FREE included (200 gallons of foam production) 35 mins.
        •       The Standard Foamdaddy Foam Machine produces mounds of foam with our tube designed blower.
        •       If you use powder solution expect half the amount of production with little stacking.

Each Foam Powder packs may last 35 minutes.
        •       Made in the USA and certified by a board certified dermatologist.
        •       No odor, 100% organic with no extra additives to irritate the skin, eyes, or grass

Legal Disclaimer :
This board certified dermatologist approved foam powder may work with all foam generating machines.


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